Innocent Dialogues with Eman

The kids were asking Eman,”Who will you ask Allah to take with you to Jannah (Paradise)?”

Eman thought and thought while Ayan and Fajar are both waiting for answer-right?

Eman says,”Fajar! We will play.”

Ayan hints,” Do you want to take anyone else?”

Eman replies,”No Ayyyann!!! You stay with Mama!” 😂

Felt Alphabets – DIY Project

Sensory Integration

20161022_093232This is a total DIY project. You can get it from websites like ETSY. There are crafters who have amazing hands crafting them.

But I did these myself for my students at ICN MUHSEN.

Sensory integration helps the child to respond in a certain way to the touch and feel of the object.20161022_093243