Eman’s fun talks

It’s weekend and I was sitting with Eman, brushing her hair. And we started talking,

Me: Eman today you have to sleep early because tomorrow is your school day.

Eman: Fajar and Ayan will go too?

Me: You know they don’t but they Math tuition. 

Eman: Oh! But I don’t want to go to school tomorrow!

Me: Why?

Eman: I don’t like school…

Me: But Mrs. Chobak and Mrs. Thompson will be there… 

Eman: That’s their job…

Me: 🤐…

Eman’s fun talks

We are at grocery store. Come to the register with a lady in front only. Eman is in her mode. I start putting things on the register-belt, suddenly she starts helping,

Eman: come on mama! Catch up with the front lady!!!

Front lady turns around smiling…

Front lady: You got a helper today

Eman: Hi lady! 

Front lady: How is your summer going?

Eman: Good (while I am loading the items)

She turns to me and said, 

CHOP! CHOP! Mama! Hurry up… you are too slow … and everybody laughed 😂

Innocent Dialogues with Eman

The kids were asking Eman,”Who will you ask Allah to take with you to Jannah (Paradise)?”

Eman thought and thought while Ayan and Fajar are both waiting for answer-right?

Eman says,”Fajar! We will play.”

Ayan hints,” Do you want to take anyone else?”

Eman replies,”No Ayyyann!!! You stay with Mama!” 😂