The R.O.C.K Phenomena

Being a mother of a special needs, it is not all that you just care for what they eat, clothe, or how they play. You have to learn many techniques from their therapists in order to apply in their daily lives once they are with you. Kids spend only an hour or probably two hours with their therapists at the most. After that it is all you and the family.
When Eman started her early intervention at the age of 2, from home – she was having physical, speech, and occupational therapies. Physical was to just get her up from her hips. She hadn’t started running yet. Mostly dependant on crawling, and dragging herself on hips.
For speech, it was just to get her atleast babble, make bubbles, blow air, make an O sound, Eee sound, Aaa sound – and that is it. Believe it or not – it took one year. In addition, she learned hand signs for “more”, “no”, “yes”, “come”, “I want”, “help” etc…
In occupational therapy, the work was mostly done to make her learn little skills so she could do daily things for herself on her own.
Well… during all this hulla baloo and even in her Pre school therapies – they kept growing the same techniques for three years. I learned few of them in every meeting I had with her therapists – I used to ask how I could keep the work going on at home. They would teach me, give me print outs, call me in class room and show me – and I learned! I went home and I taught my husband and kids.
Later, I started volunteering in the school and I learned by looking at the teachers and therapists. One important technique, I am about to share today is, R.O.C.K.
R – Repeat what you say and what you do
O – Offer opportunties for your child to take turns
C – Cue your child to take their turn
K – Keep it fun! Keep it going!
R.O.C.K is a part of the Hanen Program for the parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. But it can be used with any Special Needs child that is going through Social Communication Difficulties. You can find more information about it if you search “More Than Words” by Hanen Program.
Eman had a scare of people. She couldn’t stand any group of strange people, let alone any stranger. She wouldn’t like a person she had seen more than 3-5 times already. So, for her social therapy, was an essential one.
It has taken five hard working years of many people to work on her to bring her to a stage, where I can ask her to greet my friends and she will do so; how much ever she is shy. She will hug them and let them know whether she allows then to kiss or not.
It is always helpful to learn what your kid is going through at school and therapy sessions!

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