A mother’s story – in her words

It is always inspiring to read or listen to other’s stories and struggles when it cones to special needs. Because when you are in your realm, it always feels you are sufferring more, but when you go out into the world- and I mean really get out of your tiny world – volunteer in schools, social working organizations, make yourself available for parents who are scared of new babies with special needs ( Yes! I said that…), also for the parents who need support with getting their kids into education system and intervention programs.
You will be amazed that your problem is not big enough to begin with. I have seen mothers with whole family system – maternal and paternal and yet that they do not have anyone to help out. Sometimes, it is family miscommunication, misunderstandings, and dysfunctions. Sometimes, it is just that they live far away or some other reason.
Also, I have been lucky enough to have met mothers who are single, working, none to be with and have special needs kids – AND raising them alone.
I have a story for you – from Karachi, a city in Pakistan. Thankfully, our generation has started to work very actively for special needs and provide for what never existed before.
Hope you enjoy!



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