Welcome to Eman’s blog. I’m thrilled you’re here—because I have so much I want to share with you. I’m here to tell tales of our daily lives that revolve around Eman our daughter, who is seven years old and has Down Syndrome. Through the last three years, I have been unknowingly a part of the support system for few friends and families I know and whom I never knew and I met along the way through different mediums. Stories matter when emotions play, especially the ones which resemble or kind of give hope that everyone paddling in their boats are not alone.

Eman is the center of our lives and I have believed since she was a tiny baby that she has taught us more than we have brought in her life. I have meant to write this blog for a very long time but never had the strength, but always truly believed that I would one day, eventually! It is not the pain, OR the suffering that is hard – it is the feeling of over whelm that she is such a blessing for us – she has changed our lives forever not only HERE but also in the HEREAFTER. My father used to say to my mother sometimes when he used to be happy, “Rafia took care of her sisters, I am happy with her, Allah will be happy with her” – and we all sisters used to just laugh. Now, every word of his falls like a leaf of memory!

I just hope that I can bring positive and better help to my readers through the common everyday and exciting content that I will post.


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